by Greshum Chikoti t

Duties of a member of Parliament are; to represent constituents, to speak on their behalf, to fight for them, to defend them and promote their interests. All these are presented in the August House.

Hon Sameer Suleman, MP for Blantyre City South East Constituency raised pertaining issues of national importance, as far as corruption and inequality are concerned.

He specifically raised two revelations of two Asians who are British citizens but yet they own thousands of hectares of land in Malawi and they keep on acquiring more and more.

Beside this conduct, thesr said Asians are also involved in tax evasions scandals plus money laundering, making our Malawi their Paradise.

After the revelations, these two Indians have hired goons to intimidate the humble Parliamentarian via slanderous articles of defamation, they have decided to threaten his life by bringing up different stories in innuendos and character assassination in an effort to distract people’s attention and shut his mouth to avoid him reveal more.

Fellow Malawians, whether Hon Sammer Suleman is or was seeking attention to confuse the Tonse administration. Let us wake up and not allow these corrupt and racist Indians to destroy our nation. Let us stand with those who are fighting for this country.

We call upon Ministry of Lands (Hon Kenzie Msukwa and His deputy Hon Abida Mia) to take these issues to heart and persecute all corrupt Indians to book.

We salute you all real sons and daughters of Malawi. We salute the August house.


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