Avant Publications has records that days ago after social media shared revelations of having some District Commissioners reallocated by the Ministry Of Local Government to various departments, Nsanje District Council has reacted against the idea of transferring Dr Matchaya who is Nsanje DC to work under the ministry of health.

According to the findings, Dr Matchaya after serving Nsanje District for years, he has now been offered another exciting job at Ministry of health.

This news has been received with mixed reactions from all Nsanje district’s four members of Parliament and some Traditional Authorities.

Speaking to Hon Ramzan from Nsanje South, he has declined any official communication of having Dr Matchaya being transferred from the lower Shire district.

“We are yet to be communicated, in case the rumours are true we are ready to defend his stay, since we have noticed a number of developments during Dr Matchaya’s tenure in office.”

When contacted for comment, Hon Ntiza, parliamentarian for Nsanje South West confirmed to our reporters that she has no problems if the development graduates to be true. However, she said she will be more happy to have the current DC maintained.

“I have worked with a number of DCs for 15 years, but Dr Matchaya has assisted my constituency to develop like never before.”

The development comes after Hon Chizuzu from Nsanje North revealed his unsatisfaction with the news. “Yes, I am representing Nsanje North but we believe something must be wrong, we urge the state president to identify possible remedy of maintaining Dr Matchaya. He is a man from our hearts.”

After we tried to reach Hon Mandevana, his phone was unreachable.

More details to follow.

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