The deceased, Claret Opara Bassey has been married for over 10 years to Mr. Sunday Bassey.

A photo of the lady who died while chasing her husband and his sidechic has emerged.

The lady who lost her life was a lawyer and mother of three. She died in a crash while chasing her husband and an alleged side chick last Sunday.

The deceased, Claret Opara Bassey has been married for over 10 years to Mr. Sunday Bassey.

That fateful Sunday, she reportedly got a call from one of her friends that her husband was sighted in a shopping mall with the alleged side chick.

She was said to have immediately taken one of their cars and headed to the mall. On reaching there, the husband was about to leave the premises of the shopping mall and inside his car with the sidekick identified as Laticia.

Upon sighting the wife, he hurriedly drove off with Laticia on the front seat, making the angry wife to chase after them.

It was gathered the more the husband accelerated, the more the wife tried to catch up with the car until they got to the highway.

The husband was said to have decided to veer off from the highway , forcing the wife to make a U-turn.

She was said to have lost control of the car and rammed into a tree, leaving her seriously injured and the car badly damaged.

Eyewitnesses said immediately he saw from the back mirror that the wife was involved in an accident, the husband made a u-turn.

The alleged side chick was reported to have dropped off and fled the scene while the husband rallied to rescue his wife.

The tearful husband was said to apologise to his wife who was in the pool of her blood.

“He was apologetic before the dying wife and pleaded that she should not die. He rushed the wife to the hospital where she was reportedly confirmed dead,”.

-poor lady died fighting for her marriage.

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