When foreigners enter South Africa they must meet these 2 requirements: Top SA politician

By frank Utonga

South African opposition politician Herman Mashaba yesterday called for the freezing of assets belonging to Zanu-PF officials in the neighbouring country.

Mashaba, who launched his new political party called Action SA, promised hard diplomacy to deal with what he called a crisis unfolding in Zimbabwe.

“We must adopt the strongest and harshest policies against an oppressive government, and not punish the people of Zimbabwe,” he said.

“This should start by freezing the assets of Zanu-PF leaders in South Africa and banning them from entering our country until there is real reform in that beloved country.”

Mashaba, who came under fire for his statements as mayor of Johannesburg against foreign nationals, said he was not xenophobic.

He said South Africa could not possibly meet the expectations of citizens of other nations who were here illegally as well.

“We have the right and legal obligation to our citizens to determine who may enter our country and for what reason. These are not only our laws, but the laws of most self-respecting nations in the world. I stand against xenophobia and there is no place for this or any type of hatred in our party or in our country.

“So, let me be clear, we want the people of the world to come to South Africa to work, vacation and invest. But, when people enter South Africa they must meet two very reasonable requirements.

“Firstly, they must enter our country legally and, secondly, they must obey our laws once here. This should not be negotiable,” Mashaba thundered.

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2 thoughts on “When foreigners enter South Africa they must meet these 2 requirements: Top SA politician

  1. I recommend the fact what Mr Mashaba said it true, but I just to polish up this word (foreigners) all of us we are Africans no matter you come from Egypt Noor Ethiopian but the fact our mother is Africa let’s love one another

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