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In our weekly political profile, avantmalawi.com brings you the Councillor for Nyambadwe ward in Ndirande popular Known as BALABA. whose real name is Funny Balaba Kanojerera.

Cllr Balaba

Cllr BALABA won under the Ticket of UTM in a constituency Where a parliamentarian is from United Democratic front (UDF).

Cllr BALABA for Nyambadwe ward

Since then, Cllr BALABA manages to run clean politics and is currently loved by Majority of Youngsters in Ndirande. “If you ever want to convince us (the youths), Pass through Balaba coz Ndirande is Balaba and Balaba is Ndirande” one of the youths told our Publications.

Our Reporter managed to capture some of the developments that the Councillor has managed to accomplish in his first year. Some of them are as follows:

1. Ndirande police station

Ndirande police opened by Cllr BALABA

He has managed to build five rooms as an appreciation that Ndirande police has grown to a full Station Office. with Fund from CDF as a share from three wards that exist in Constituency

2. Water way at Blantyre Girls Primary School.
Year in year out Blantyre Girls fences used to collapse in rain season because of lack of mason water gully, so he built to protect the fence.
This has also been developed Using a share on CDF

  1. Road Embarkment at Nyambadwe school turn off along Chinsewu Magalasi Road Using 2019/20 Infrastructure Development Fund (IDF)

4. On Social responsibilities, Councillor Balaba has also constructed a Water Kiosk where people where drinking from well.

But now people are drinking clean and safe water.

Under Social responsibilities
He has been giving Clothes and other materials to over 500 Needy Families under a Banner of Balaba Aid

What is Balaba Aid?

Balaba Aid is an organization looking for relief of needy people from other well wishers.

It was founded in 2018 in Ndirande township by Councillor Balaba.

The main aim is to Unite people from Ndirande High Density to Nyambadwe Low Density by creating working relationships.

Balaba Aid is currently looking at to help 3, 500 needy Families around Ndirande before it goes to other townships.

“So far we have reached 550 familes since 2018. We have distributed Cloths, Blankets, food (Maize flour, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Salt,) to the Needy more especially Women and elderly.” Councilor Balaba explained to www.avantmalawi.com

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