By ebenezer
MANEB Executive Director, Mr Gerald Chiunda, has today informed members of the press that sample papers for the reinstated JCE examination ,which will be administered from 2021, have been dispatched to secondary schools.

He has further informed the media that with approval from the Ministry of Education, MANEB has introduced a new examination paper, Social and Life Skills to be administered at both JCE and MSCE . This paper is made up of concepts from Social Studies and Life Skills . At JCE level the first Social and Life Skills examination will be administered in 2021. Sample papers for JCE Social and Life Skills examination are ready for delivery to schools. Later, MSCE Social and Life Skills sample papers will also be sent to schools.

The reinstatement of JCE examination will not affect 2021 and 2022 MSCE examination ( the exam will still cover work for Forms 1 to 4). 2023 MSCE examination will dwell on work covered in Forms 3 and 4.
In the photo below, MANEB’s ED during the press briefing

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