EIGHTY ONE (81) DAYS INTO CANAAN – Tonse Alliance Government

By Ebenezer

Avant Publications has it in record that the Vice President who is also the Minister of Economic Planning, Development & Public Sector Reform – Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima is a man and a half as far as management is concerned.

In the meantime, we have gathered that from July 2020 to date, the VP’s office has conducted meetings with more than eighty officials from different institutions, both in private and public sectors.

According to our records, it is registered that on an average, the VP successfully attended at least three meetings per day.

These meetings are part of the VP’s public reforms programme to guarantee “MALAWI WA TONSE” moto, as promised by the TONSE ALLIANCE Government.

avantmalawi.com’s records for September alone, show that among many Meetings SKC attended the following:

  1. National Aids Commission (NAC)
  2. Central Medical Stores Trust (CMST)
  3. Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi (ESCOM)
  4. Blantyre Water Board
  5. Lilongwe Water Board
  6. Pharmacy and Regulatory Authority
  7. Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training (TEVETA)
  8. Small and Medium development institute (SMEDI)
  9. Airport Development Limited (ADL)
  10. Lilongwe Handling Company
  11. Air Cargo Malawi Limited
  12. National Construction Industry Council
  13. Roads Authority
  14. Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  15. Malawi Institute of Management
  16. Mzuzu University
  17. Malawi Institute of Education
  18. Malawi College of Accountancy
  19. Malawi University of Science and Technology
  20. University of Malawi
  21. Malawi Examinations Board
  22. Roads Fund Administration
  23. Malawi Electoral Commission
    24.Malawi Agricultural and industrial investment Corporation
  24. Malawi National of Sports Council
  25. Electricity Generation Company
  26. Malawi Accountants Board
  27. Malawi Revenue Authority
  28. Malawi Bureau of Standards
  29. Public Private Partnership Commission
  30. ADMARC
  31. SFFRFM

In all these meetings, our Reporters have noted that the Vice president who is also the Overseer of Public reforms could hardly eat nor drink (except water) until the Meetings are over due to much engagements on his schedule.

Those that have worked with SKC they say as quoted “If you are lazy then don’t consider working with SKC”
-End of Quote

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