by Maxwell Khwimani

It may look like drama but most of the teachers out there know not that this is their day to enjoy ,meditate and celebrate.From the look of things teachers all over the world are the engine to a vibrant economy,a civilised nation and what have you.

Malawian teachers are not an exception.The country’s top citizens are products of Malawian teachers .This is a plus as they will see to it that Malawian teachers enjoy their sweat .

But practically ,teachers are the worst treated civil servants in terms of monetary incentives,promotions and conditions of service.Alot of our teachers have stayed on the same grade for more than 14 years .This could have been understood if all the civil servants were treated similarly since there would have been no one for comparison.Just like year government promoted all police officers on the entry point…constables.As we speak we have no constables on the ground.The question could be are police officers first class civil servants than the rest?

Secondly teachers allowances are below par the recommended government allowances.Just last month a whole well trained teacher was attending a workshop for K1500 per day.Is this on?I think we can do better than this.
The way we treat others should be the way we treat teachers if we are serious in managing our country’s affairs.

1.Promote long serving teachers
2.Improve their conditions of service.
3.Work with their Union TUM

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