By: Greshum Chikoti M – The Conqueror

Thou shall not kill- Moses killed an Egyptian and fled away.

Where will Parliament Chief procurement officer fled to?

Is Parliament exempted from laws it makes?

Rot has been exposed.
Procurement unit is on the record to have hired a company to install Biometric
Clocking in system by passing direct users such as ICT contrary to what procurement
procedures a thing that poses a threat to cybercrime.

Our parley has Madam Untouchable in the Procurement Department, really
untouchable to others. But very touchable to our justice.
She has awarded contracts to her company, friends and relatives.

G4S got contract to provide security to top management residents because her
husband works with the company.

Again, Parley has bought 17 vehicles at once towards the end of 2019/20 financial
year. Some of the vehicles were given to management and others are yet to come.

Finally, several cars are dumped at Andrews Garage in Lilongwe.

Some of the cars
have stayed there for over 2 years though they are enjoying daily fuel allocations.

Until next time, I rest my case.

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