Just pay K15,000 for damage because she also enjoyed – Court

A COURT in Lusaka has laughed at demands by a family that a man compensates them with a lot of money for impregnating their daughter for ‘breaking’ her virginity.

Standing in the Matero Local court’s dock before Magistrate Mulenga, was 30-year old Solomon Mwanza of Kabanana Township of Lusaka accused of harvesting the first fruits of the daughter of a fellow Easterner, Justin Tembo.

For the press ups he performed on his 23 year old daughter, Tembo demanded that Mwanza pays him a whooping K20,000

With a smile like a Vubwi lawmaker watching a naughty video, Mwanza agreed to pay the K20,000 in K1,000 monthly installments as compensation for robbing Mwanza’s daughter of her virginity and impregnating her.

However, like a soldier on parade, the court did a strong ‘about turn’ on Tembo telling him that he should not be paid K20,000 as his daughter also enjoyed being robbed off her virginity.

The court instead ordered that Mwanza pays a mere K15,000 in K700 installments much to the shock of the girl and her father.

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