Two teenagers girls have died suddenly in Mponela, Dowa District, after Kasangadzi river bank disintergrated and fell on them.

The girls have been identified as Eunice Chibwe (13) and Alibentry Katambo (14) both from Chikanda village in the area of Traditional Authority Dzoole in Dowa District.

The incident occurred on Friday October 2, 2020, at around noon at Chikanda village .

It is reported that the river bank in that area is basically sandy. People flock that side to harvest the sand inorder to earn a livelihood after selling it.

On that particular day, the girls were five (5) in total, one of them a sibling to Eunice, named Joana Chibwe (15). They went at Kasangadzi River for their usual task of collecting sand for economic business.

In the course of extracting the sand, part of the river bank disintegrated and fell on the two.

They were completely buried underneath the soil. Joana rushed home and informed the parents about the ordeal. The parents in the company of other villagers hurried to the scene and managed to rescue the dead bodies.

The incident was then reported at Mponela Police Station. Upon receipt of the report, a Criminal Investigations Department (CID) team accompanied by a Clinical officer from Mponela Rural Hospital visited the scene and viewed the bodies. The postmorterm was conducted and revealed that death was due to suffocation.

Sergeant Macpatson Msadala
Deputy Public Relations Officer
Mponela Police Station

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