By: Gresham Chikoti M – The Conqueror

Some Blantyre City residents are failing to pay water tariffs, opt free piped service installed by Beehive.

In Chilomoni-Zambia, Blantyre, residents are water from Michiru Hill fountain which is freely being supplied by the institution.

A 30 litre bucket of water at BWB kiosk cost K40, a fee which is not accessible to some families due to economic limitations.

Residents, are asking the government to reduce water tariffs for them to access treated piped water.

Though the water they are getting is natural and comes direct from the Hill, is not treated.

Beehive constructed a supply centre and piped water for communities to use at free cost as one way of giving back to the society, social responsibility.

The institution has been supply free water to the communities for more than four years now.

Janet Lupiya, one of the beneficiaries expressed gratitude for the initiative done by Beehive.

“I have been using the water for about 8 months now.

“Without this initiative, life could have been very difficult. We use volumes per day which we cannot equate with our source of income,” she explained.

With her, were old women and young men taking turns to fetch water at that source. A Mrs Chilumpha in early 50s and Andrew Sikelo,13, just to mention a few.

When asked for comment, Beehive’s Outreach Family Support, Jackson Banda, said the initiative was set to benefit the residents.

“Knowing that some have economic challenges to extend of failing to pay water costs for their domestic use,” he explained.

Chilomoni-Zambia is situated at the foot of Michiru Hill, Blantyre City West Constituency and has more than 2,000 residents.

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