A serious accident at Matindi (Between Nathenje and Kamphata involving 3 cars reg numbers LL 3246 minibus, BR 1579 and KU 8669.

According to information gathered by Avant reporters at the scene from the driver of the BR 1579 who was going to Zomba from LL indicated that he was behind minibus LL3246 and upon arriving at Matindi a driver of KU 8669 who was coming from the direction of Blantyre was overtaking another car without considering the road signs and the nature of the place.

Unfortunately there was a minibus occupying the lane and he failed to avoid it and ended into head on collision.

Following this the driver of BR 1579 ended up bumping the rear part of the minibus.

Casualties have been rushed to hospital including the minibus driver and KU 8669. Meawhile Nathenje Traffic police officers have just arrived at the scene.

more injuries went Reported
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