by greshum chikoti

Occurred during the night of 1-2/9/2020 at Phalombe police station.

A/Supt Robert Chigumula c/ o Phalombe Police station box 48 Phalombe reports in the above case against the following who have escaped in police custody

  1. Simoni Kaniwande aged 28 vge Mmeta T/A chikowi d. Zomba
    Offence . Child Trafficking
    Position. Ruling.
  2. Evance Taulo aged 19 vge Nthomu T/A chikowi d Zomba.
    Offence. Defilement
    Position. Plea.
  3. Alfred Nambazo aged 27 vge Nagoli T/A Nkhumba d Phalombe
    Offence. Defilement

4.Jonathan Nakhonyo aged 20 vge Masuku T/A Nkanda d. Mulanje.
Offence . Defilement.
Position. Hearing.

5.Sikinala chimwala aged 47 vge John T/A Nyezerera d Phalombe
Offence. Defilement

6.Manuel Charles aged 22 vge Mmeta T/A chikowi d Zomba.
Offence Child Trafficking

  1. Julias Nabwazi aged 42 vge Petro Mmola T/A Nkhulambe d Phalombe.
    Offence. Defilement

8.Lester Sositeni aged 20 vge Mthupwa T/A Nkhumba d Phalombe
Offence unlawful wounding.
Position. Sentence.

  1. Amos Muluwa aged 18 vge Nasiyaya T/A Kaduya d Phalombe
    Offence. Burglary and Theft
    Position. Ruling.

All suspects were in one cell and they drilling a hole behind the cell room using unknown object.
Efforts are under way to have the suspects re arrested.
Sitrep to follow.

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