Chitakale Football Ground turns to a battle field

by Wongani chipeta

Police used teargas to disperse angry people at Chitakale in Mulanje when the people in the community attacked Chitakale Tea Estate Workers. The borne of contention is that the area has a football ground which Chitakale Tea Estate claims in within their parameters. The estate plans to till the ground for their crops.

It has been established by that Wednesday morning, the workers went to the ground with their pipes to water the place in readiness of tilling the place.

This didnt please the community especially the youths who also claim that the football ground belongs to the community and not the estate.

The youths went to the ground at around 10 O’clock attacking the estate workers which prompted the police to intervene in dispersing the angry mob.

Meanwhile has learned that the estate owners are planning to have a round table discussion with the chiefs in the area regarding the matter.

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