by Greshum chikoti

Central Region Immigration Office’s Spokesperson Ealack Banda has disclosed that they have deported three illegal immigrants today.

Those deported are from Egypt, Ghana and Tanzania and their names are; Mahmoud Ahmed,Sally Adarkwa and Rabecca Shiliwa.

Banda clarified that currently the department is also processing the deportation of four other foreign nationals from Nigeria and Zimbabwe with their names; Achebe Obiora, Mr Abubakar Shuaibu, Mr Chikanma Nwanyanwu and Mr James Marimo.

Meanwhile, the Department of Immigration has warned all foreign nationals living in the country illegally that they will be deported once found.

Malawi has been known as the lawlessness country in the past as many foreigners have been staying illegally and even abuse her citizens.

Currently the TONSE ALLIANCE administration is working hard to gain the country’s lost glory.

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