City Slay Queens miss DPP blessers, call Tonse men stingy

By: wongani chipeta

Following the change of leadership from the DPP to the Tonse Alliance in June, the Lilongwe-Blantyre based Slay Queens have expressed their dissatisfaction towards the Tonse men who they say are stingy unlike DPP Cadets who showered them with goodies of life.

One of the famous Lilongwe based Slay Queen Tasha attributes the new challenges to the change of leadership making many such ladies not to live their usual lifestyles and even fail to pay for their rents.

Slay Queens in Malawi

She disclosed that the DPP Cadets were making life easy for them. She said that everything is hard now as most of those cadets have gone into hiding. Tasha said that to make matters worse, the new guys in power are stingy.

But commenting on the matter, Wonderful Mkhutche, a political commentator said everyone should understand that things have changed. He advised the ladies that the Tonse govt is promoting hardwork and since no one is stealing from government coffers those who previously benefited from the malpractice should learnadjusting lifestyles and prices of the services incase of the Slay Queens.

In recent weeks, Tonse Alliance government has cracked hard on DPP cadets, arresting party and dinner financiers who are in books on plundering the state resources

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