Political bickering continues to rock the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

by frank Utonga

A group of National Governing Council of the party calling itself ‘a committee of youthful directors, deputies and members of the DPP NGC’ is pressing the leadership of the party to call for NGC meeting soonest to have an election postmortem.

Spokesperson for the party, Brown Mpinganjira, was not aware of the grouping but was quick to add that the DPP president, Prof. Peter Mutharika, is ready to call for NGC meeting not because of pressure but procedure.

A confidential document in possession of Zodiak Online indicates that Prof. Mutharika was supposed to give feedback on August 6, 2020, has not been responded to.

One of the signatories, Jones Milazi, National Deputy Publicity Secretary-East owned the letter but refused to comment, saying it is a confidential letter that was not supposed to go public, while Chris Thaulo whose purported signature appears on the letter has disowned it.

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