DAY 09 SEPTEMBER 2020 – Saulosi Klaus Chilima

by Maxwell Khwimani

I started the afternoon sessions with an engagement with the management team of the Malawi Institute of Management (MIM) to appreciate the strides they are making in the implementation of public sectors reforms aimed at making their institution efficient and effective.

However, the meeting did not proceed because halfway through the discussion I sent them back to fully prepare and let us know when they are ready.

Suffice to say that MIM’s presentation was the most uninspiring portrait of an organization since I resumed working on public sector reforms under the administration of His Excellency Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, President of the Republic.

If this is an institution that was established to train top civil servants then as it stands, the institution is not up to the task under its current leadership.

Clearly, as of now MIM is an organization that is being run down. It is regressing. I told them I do not have time to waste and they better come again when they are ready and prepared for a discussion meant to perfect an organization.

From their financial presentation, one can tell that the organization is on its deathbed. I have been told that the institution has experienced persistent cash flow challenges resulting into lawsuits; and suppliers refusing to offer them goods and services as well as accumulating arrears in taxes and pension contributions.

With this obtaining, I expected the Executive Director to be in control of the situation and explain what has led to the current state of affairs and possible solutions being lined up to turn around the situation. However, it seemed the ED did not have any idea how the institution has found itself in this situation, three years after being at the helm.

The presentation had no direction and it was difficult to offer input. I therefore asked them to leave and prepare or if they are not up to the task, resign and go home.


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