by Greshum chikoti

Some members who belonged to CFT Pressure group in Karonga have joined the UTM party and others MCP.

This follows CFT Leader’s endorsement made in favour of the MCP, saying is the only party to be supported in the district. can confirm that Since the beginning, CFT has been identified as a neutral pressure group aiming at fighting against the DPP led government and it had many followers, who categorized themselves as revolutionaries.

But after the pressure group’s leader, who openly endorsed MCP, things have changed and divisions have resulted with members joining the UTM as the party of their choice. While others have followed their leader as MCP affiliates.

Those who went to UTM clarified that Mtambo is a partisan (MCP sympathiser), therefore Avant reporters gathers that they have decided to join UTM instead.

Today Mtambo is having a rally as gathered by avantmalawi, UTM team is also having theirs too.

Attached with pictures of events happening in real time

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