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Mary Nthakomwa and Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo are both from Mwenilombo area, this is the same venue which was set for primaries.

Although it is a homeground for both Mwenefumbo and Nthakomwa, the place is said to smelt violence to Nthakomwa. Violence in the home yard, strange.

There are reports that Nthakomwa was selective when doing party businesses, others were being sidelined and she was convinced that she is untouchable.

After Mwenefumbo arrived and chose to work with everyone, the hot air blew in the area. And this caused panic to Nthakomwa after noticing that the homeboy had gained popularity, the people’s darling.

When primary dates were set, she didn’t complain until yesterday. It was yesterday when she issued a statement withdrawing her primary elections participation. A shortest notice of course.

The venue where Nthakomwa wanted to be used for primary elections is Mlare area, home ground of a certain candidate who belongs to a different political party, but with the same interest of getting Karonga Central Constituency.

Nthakomwa is in good terms with the other political party which is vying for the same constituency and this party wanted her to contest, because she was identified as a weak candidate. While Mwenefumbo is a threat to this other political party.

Even for Nthakomwa to collect her parliamentary forms, she was phoned by this said political party’s representative, who saw Mwenefumbo collecting his forms.

Now is for you my reader, to judge whether Nthakomwa’s withdrawal is genuine or is an anger based one.

I rest my case.

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