By: Innocent Mvundula

Some few  days ago, some teachers social media platforms were flooded with false rumours and accusations on tonse alliance led government. The rumours stated that the Teachers Union of Malawi Secretary General Mr Kumchenga was threatened by the government side during their meeting, warned to face hard times and to be dealt with if he continues pushing the government towards teachers risky allowances. The rumours went further to say that the TUM secretary is been monitored on his mobiles gadgets and currently he has no peace.

But on a contrary note Mr Kumchenga refutted by regarding the rumours as cooked up, cheap propaganda and totally false. “TUM and the government as usual have been engaging each other several times to discuss the issues of teachers Covid-19 risky allowance before schools open, as TUM we have done our part by submitting teachers requests  currently we are just waiting for government’s response on the matter in question, no threats posed on me. I am leading my usual and normal life – Kumchenga confidently said.

www.avantmalawi.com established that the false allegations are coming at a time when the teachers are away from their duty stations for 5 months now but their salaries are intact.

The call for risky allowances is facing alot of critics and a cause for debate in most media houses. While some journalists think teachers are not worthy deserving such allowances TUM is optimistic that teachers will get it since they are also at risk of Covid-19.

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