By: Greshum Chikoti – The Conqueror

Following Avant Publications revelation of dirty works at Area 30 National Police Service Audit unit, Mr Kingsley Mzuma, ACP has been transferred to take charge of Salima Police Station.

We are yet to know if the transfer is to silence critics or pave way for smooth investigations.

Mzuma is said to be a conduit to channel service charges by some units within the Malawi Police Service.

National Police Headquarters Community Policing branch is said to have been collecting millions of Kwachas from Valley Logistics and Central Eastern African Railways (CEAR) through its in-charge, Assistant Superitandant Alexander Ngwala who is now  heading South Lunzu Police.

Ngwala was using the same Mzuma and other colleagues to swindle the money.

Malawi Police Service provide security to Railways and officers are deployed at fortnight basis.

Among the transfered is Director of Finance Mr Samveka, Commissioner of Police, to lead Northern Region.

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