Two girls arrested for bicycle theft in Mulanje

By Ebenezer

Two teen aged girls have been arrested in Mulanje for allegedly stealing a bicycle belonging to Ministry of Health.

Reporting to police, Bisiwasi Lungu (47), a Health Surveillance Assistant said on Thursday last week he went to bed leaving everything intact. At around 23:00 hours, he heard a strange noise signalling that the gate to his house had been opened.

A close look around the fence discovered that a bicycle, Buffalo, black in colour was missing. Lungu also discovered that the chain he used to lock the gate had been removed and dumped somewhere.

Efforts to look for the stollen property with the support of neighbours did not help either.

Later, he reported the issue to police at Nkando Police Unit. The following day, the two girls both aged 15, were spotted selling the bicycle but when asked, they failed to account for it.
Following this, police took the two into custody and recovered the bicycle.

In 2019, one of the two also broke into another house after climbing a fence.

Police wish to advise all youths in the district to desist from immoral and criminal behaviour as it has the capacity to negatively affect their future.

Sub Inspection Gresham Ngwira
PRO, Mulanje Police Station
Cell: 0881 985 077/0996 031 882

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