Thyolo Chiefs fight over territory

By Ebenezer

A traditional leader and a senior chief in Thyolo are fighting over the control of Chipendo village in the district and the appointment of a chief for the village.

Each of Traditional Authority January and Senior Chief Chimaliro in Thyolo claim that Chipendo Village belong to their respective area and that they have authority to choose the right person as group illage head.

Chimaliro has identified John Black as the group village head Chipendo while T/A January says the position is for John Kamowa.

Speaking in an interview, cCief Chimaliro said T/A January has no mandate to endorse someone for the position of Village head Chipendo.

“John Black was given the position by the late T/A Chimaliro and by then, January was a group village head,” said Senior Chief Chimaliro.

He then urged concerned parties especially relatives to be patient as the matter is in the hands of court. He added that conflict will compromise the court ruling on the matter.

In his reaction, T/A January said only the court will decide the right person for the position of that chieftaincy.

He, however, added that John Black was just acting chief therefore the position should go to the right person.

January faulted Black for refusing to attend an interface meeting with concerned parties to resolve the conflict peacefully.

Speaking on the issue, John Black who is currently holding the position of Group Village Head Chipendo accused T/A January of using power and money to snatch the position from him.

Black further said that his counterparts on 8 July this year damaged his property including maize, house and chairs due to the same issue.

According to reports, there has been conflict over the position of Group Village Head Chipendo since 2004.

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