By Greshum chikoti

Avant desk wishes to extend its congratulatory message to NEC of the Assemblies of God church elected today, on 21 August 2020.

Bishop Dr Andrew Dube, of Dream Center International in Nkolokosa has been elected President of Assemblies of God outcasting the former president Rev Mark Chitsonga.

His Deputy Benito Chisamba from Falls Assemblies of God church.

Rev Benito Chisamba

Their Secretary General is Matilda Matabwa; from Area 49 Baghdad Assemblies of God church.

Rev botomani Mbewe

Deputy Secretary General is Spade Mwale member of Area 49 Assemblies Shire.

Rev Malthida Matabwa

Treasurer General is Reverend Dr. Jim Botomani Mbewe.

Deputy Treasurer General Medson Jackson from Dedza Assemblies of God church.

Director of Evangelism and Missions Francis Chima.

On Division Directorship, below are the results.

Reverend Kamwana has been elected to be Northern Director.

Reverend Evance Jeka for Central Division.

Reverend Steven Kadzokoya as Southern Director

And Reverend Jimmy M’Bwana to be the first Eastern Division Director.

A throw back, Malawi Assemblies of God has been developing for the past 20 years under the leadership of Dr Lazarus McCathy Chakwera. Followed by Rev Chitsonga who managed the Church in his first years. gathers that the last years of his rulling, it has been challenging as we note most Pastors went prodigal. With this charge of presidency, expectations are high that things will change for the better in the Assemblies of God arena.

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