By Ebenezer

24  Aug 2020
Kokoliliko Moving Forward.

Long post

Good morning comrades and partners,

For the past year or so, *kokoliliko* has been active on the ground pushing for a better Malawi which we attained, collectively as Malawians, on June 23rd 2020 through the Tonse Alliance victory.

On behalf of the comrades who toiled and cross crossed the country on the campaign trail; the comrades that supported the ConCourt case in many different ways, I would like to say thank you for the support during this time. Your financial and moral support is acknowledged.

Now we are here, in a new Third Republic, and kokoliliko is moving forward to take an active role in the Tonse Agenda, specifically in the following spaces;
1. Youth and women empowerment
2. Job creation through the 1 million jobs mantra
3. Food security
4. Mega farming
5. *Prospering Together*

Kokoliliko has established a commercial vehicle, *Kokoliliko Holdings LTD* (KH), which has been duly registered and incorporated with the registrar. A board of directors has been instituted comprising of 13 members, of which 33% are women. Mr Dan Makata is the chairman of the board.
A reputable law firm has been engaged as Company Secretary.

Time has come for a wider shareholding of the investment and we will from 1 September 2020, open the opportunity to you. It’s an exciting prospect and I hope you will join once it’s opened.

KH has operational interests in the following sectors;
1. Agriculture: to compliment the Tonse food security and 1million job agendas, KH has ventured into the agriculture sector through;
A. Mega Farm. 500ha of land has been secured in the central region for farming. 300ha has already been contracted to seed multiplication. Ground preparation works are under way.
B. Agri-TEVET. Vocational skill development amongst the youth/women is a key enabler to a successful agri economy,, KH has embarked on rehabilitating 3 farm training institutes in Mzimba, Kasungu and Mulanje, to be used for Agribusiness vocational training for youth and women in the value chain.
C. Agri clubs. Organising youth in manageable and scalable groups are the key element in the KH Agri value chain. The clubs will be inclusive and represent the business at community level across the country. All members will be identified digitally using technology.
D. Outgrower scheme. Our subsidiary will aggregate markets and opportunities to the Agri clubs for uptake. The scheme will enable the Agri clubs to access secured markets, which will be local and international. Todate, the following markets have been secured through pre-contracts; ground nut supply, maize and soy supply, paprika export, vegetable supply and grain maize supply.
E. Farm For Me. An initiative to allow anyone interested in farming to conduct business through the Agri clubs. Ordinary citizens pull funds together to enable an investment in an Agri area. The day to day management will be outsourced to the Agri clubs. We will employ cutting engage technology to ensure both the investor is secured and the farmers get value for money on their efforts.

2. Media. KH, through another subsidiary,  has applied for a broadcasting license to operate a national FM radio station and TV station on Malawi. Through this platform, we envisage a showcase of transformational youth and women agenda to be the headliners. We expect to go live in Jan 2021.

3. Telecom and Technology. KH, through a subsidiary, has rolled out an ambitous plan to integrate technology and innovation that will create a space for Evey malawian to be digitally involved. We are;
A. Processing the set up of a mobile phone company
B. Engaged women cooperative groups to form a women and youth bank in Malawi.
C. Establishing an innovation hub to push digital possibilities that are key to a transformed Malawi.

4. Security. KH,. Through a subsidiary has established a security service company that provide both physical and technology security services in Malawi.

5. Hospitality. KH, through a subsidiary will establish lounges and a hotel by 2023.

We, look forward to a better Malawi where we can all Prosper Together. Let’s take an active role in the Tonse Agenda.

Thank you,


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