Husband Allegedly Commits Suicide Because Of Lack Of Sex

Geeta Parmar has been arrested in Gujarat, India after her mother-in-law blamed her for the death of husband Surendrasinh, who reportedly took his own life last month.

The woman has been arrested after her husband reportedly took his own life when she “refused to have sex with him”.

The grieving widow faces charges in India following a criminal complaint by the man’s mother. Geeta Parmar is accused of “abetment to suicide” following husband Surendrasinh’s death.

Police arrested her even though she wasn’t present when her husband passed away according to the report by The Mirror.

Her mother-in-law blames the 32-year-old for the tragedy, and she was arrested by police in Gujarat as a result.

In a criminal complaint, Surendrasinh’s mother Muli claimed that the couple did not sleep together during their 22-month marriage.

This, she claims, caused her son “mental stress” and led to his death. According to the mother:

Once I had gone inside my son’s room and found that he and my daughter-in-law were sleeping on different beds. When I asked my son about this, he told me that they did not have relations as Geeta had taken a vow that she would not sleep with her husband.

She further claimed the whole lack of sex led to the couple arguing a lot.

Shortly before his death on July 27, Geeta had left railway worker Surendrasinh and gone back to live with her parents.

He took his own life while the rest of his family were attending a funeral. The matter is now being investigated by Shaherkotda police in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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