By Wongani Chipeta

Recently Malawians attended interviews on the vacant positions at the ministry of health.

The results of the interviews are out and successful candidates are to start working soon. But www.avantmalawi.com has gathered some discontents from a group of unemployed youth calling themselves concerned youths. The group says Ntcheu District Hospital has released the results that have been marred by nepotism. The youth are asking for the authorities to investigate the matter.

According to these concerned youths the results are showing most of the successful candidates are either relatives or friends of Ntcheu DHO HR.

Mr Banda is the Human Resource Officers of Ntcheu DHO. The group says that Mr Banda is now optically canvassing the recruitment. The claims give a list as follows: Evelyn Banda is the wife to the HR. Milda Banda is the daughter to the HR. Annie Tamvakale is a daughter of a family friend.Nicholas Tsamba a friend to his wife.

In addition he has recruited a relation to his friend Mr Gelson from Ntcheu Education office( HR department), his wife Julia Dziko and her friend Faith Ngoma.

Mr Banda has recruited virtually 80% of the candidates from his church choir. The claims indicate that this is just mention but a few.

The group condemns this kind of nepotism in the public departments.

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