Give the little you have to the society-Kaliati

by wongani Chipeta

Over the weekend Honourable Patricia Kaliati took time to admire one of the youthful entrepreneur who recently took time to revive some ambulance vehicles which were idle for sometime.

Madam Kaliati was privileged to meet Mr Mansoor Sharrif Karim who is the Founder and Managing Director for K Motors.

In the visit, Avant publications was told that Honourable Kaliati was convinced to note that K Motors has revived two ambulances in the lower shire. The vehicles laid idle for a long time due to lack of service.

Apart from reviving the ambulances, K Motors also donated motor cyles in Chitipa.

Meanwhile, Avant publications has learnt that through this meeting with Honourable Minister, K Motors has agreed to start a project where they will be reviving one ambulance per month where possible.

Madam Kaliati then appealed to the nation to support our enterprenurs for them to support our country. ”We need people who are able to pay back to the community in return”, she said.

She further advised the youths to emulate the example of Mr Karim so that they give back the little they have to the society they live in.

“The president said we should work hard and work smart.. let’s all work hard and indeed let’s work Smart..”, she said in her conclusion.

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