By Ebenezer established that those who were on the fore front sacrificing their lives fighting for truth and freedom during the anti Jane Ansah demos, in the former rotten DPP administration were left out for dogs party at Kings Palace during the statesman banquet. AVANT PUBLICATIONS reminded the former HRDC chairperson who is currently the Commander of CFT Movement to do something to honor the legends, one of them being the man who used to go on the streets with a mat and beddings – Mr Mike Kamanga.

Hon Timothy Mtambo and Mike Kamanga

Barely a few days from the AVANT establishment in one of its updates
finally, Hon Timothy Mtambo -The minister of Civic education and national unity who is also the Commander in-Chief for CFT movement, sacrificed his precious time to meet Mr Mike Kamanga, who is Tonga by tribe from Nkhatabay.

Demostrating the sleeping cold

Mr Kamanga made to the major 2019-2020 freedom fighter some of the life experiences he went through during the Anti Jane Ansah protests. Among many things, he mentioned of being threatened by police, arrested and sleeping cold. He narrates having a hard time sleeping on the ground during the vigils a thing which influenced him to take his mat to sleep comfortably the following days.

We hope the meeting will effectively be fruitful in releasing some of Mr Kamanga’s friends who are still in jail after being arrested during the Anti Jane Ansah protests.

More details to follow on

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