Dowa Police conducts interface meeting with chiefs on malicious damage, arson ,theft of properties of people suspected to be witches

By Richard Folokiya

Today, Thursday August 13 2020, Dowa Police Station through the head of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Assistant Superintendent Chance Sibale held a meeting with eleven chiefs namely: Senior Group Village Headman Chiwenga, Group Village Headman Chiwenga, Group Village Headman Misi, Village Headman Chiguduli, Village Headman Moneyi, Village Headman Joshua, Village Headman Kankhokwe, Village Headman Mdachotanji, Village Headman Mthama, Village Headman Labani, Village Headman M’buta and Village Headman M’buta Benayi.

Facts surrounding the case are that; it was on July 15 2020 there was a tombstone unveiling of Mabvuto who died in 2017 and on this particular day, people heard a radio sound being played at Killion Kamuyikeni’s house, who is one of the persons suspected to have bewitched Mabvuto in 2017. Therefore, people suspected that he was celebrating the death of the deceased.

Then people started talking on the issue and how the suspects of witchcraft allegations were released at police.

This however, coincided with the speech made on the tombstone unveiling by one of the bereaved family members that they must revenge on the incident.

It was on July 16 2020 when villagers of M’buta, M’buta Benayi and Misi attacked the suspected witches houses and stole their properties and set ablaze the six houses and damaged them as well.

Village Headman Labani and Misi explained well on how the people were released from police. He explained that the relatives of the deceased (Mabvuto) and above village headmen pleaded with police to have the four people jailed at Maula Prison and they were released since they were suffering and that they discussed and agreed that the matter was over and they had forgiven them.

It was discovered that Village Headman M’buta after release of the people from Dowa Police Station did not address his relatives hence their anger and revenge.

The district social welfare officer took up the matter of the victims to the district commissioner so that they should be assisted with relief items such as maize, beans, blankets and plastic pails.

Currently, the victims to still seek refugee to their relatives.

Today, Thursday August 13 2020, the above chiefs to sensitise the concerned villagers on what transpired on the release of the victims that were detained at Dowa Police Station.

Possibily, a way forward on the future return of the victims to the village.

The chiefs have also been told to warn those in conflicts with the law would be arrested.

Report compiled by Sub Inspector Gladson M’bumpha
Dowa Police Public Relations Officer (PRO)

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