By: Greshum Chikoti-The Conqueror

As whirlwind continue to blow across government institutions in the 3rd Republic, the Malawi Police Service has joined the bandwagon of corruption.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr Mzuma is on the record of collecting service charge payments and deposit into a separate account answering to the Malawi Police Service.

The ongoing auditing at Area 30 by region police auditors has revealed.

To save his face, Mzuma is trying all what he can to Palm oil the said auditors.

Reports are rife that Mzuma is expected to meet the newly appointed Inspector General (IG) this morning to plead for mercy as fate awaits him.

It is not known how IG is going to handle the issue since the syndicate is no longer in wraps.

Finally, IG is yet to be approved by the August House during this 49th Session of Parliament.

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