From: Concerned Teachers, Nkhotakota Chapter

To: Steve Banda and Mibawa Television/Radio

Cc: Teacher’s Union of Malawi (TUM)


Dear Mr Banda,

As much as we understand that you have the right of expression as a radio presenter, we have seen that your remarks concerning our grievance to government is not worthy an apology.

We are sure you must remember the time your parents knew that they can not teach you own their own and knew that there are some people qualified for that work and then sent you to start standard 1. You must also remember how hard it was for you to understand the concept of school. And we are sure you know how hard teachers worked hard on you starting from that level you were urinating in class, crying while in class up to the level when you knew that you are a human being.

Mr Banda, you must also be aware that without the hard-working of teachers you are underrating you couldn’t be called a Journalist or whatever the position you hold today.

As you said in your ignorant presentation, you said Nurses and Doctors are worth Risk allowance than Teachers. But do you know why the government closed schools if the School is not a risk environment? Do you know that nurses and doctors are able to identify a patient than Teachers? Between someone who handles a patient while knowing the disease and someone who handles more than 100 learners without knowing that may be two more of them are infected who is at risk?

Mr Banda, you should learn that a teacher you are underrating today has been your support your entire school life so that now people can point someone in you.

Since we have seen that either Mibawa or Mr Banda’s apology is not enough. We have decided to tell Mibawa and Mr Banda to be our mouthpiece in convincing the government how important the said Risk allowance is important to Teachers. Mibawa should play a role in discussing with the government on possible Risk allowance for the teachers and TUM must engage Mibawa and Steve Banda in every step concerning the issue.

Teachers are suffering out there despite being the pillar of all occupations including those oppressing teachers. If you think Teachers are not important then teach your children on your own at home. Mibawa and Steve Banda failure to play a role in convincing the government then we are dragging you to Court.

Enough is enough. Teachers must not be your playgrounds. Aphunzitsi mukuwanyozawa akuphunzitsani kuyambira mukudzikodzera nkumanunkhitsa mkalasi, mukutuluka mamina koma samanyasidwa nanu mpaka mwaphunzira pano muziwanyoza?

We hope you will cooperate to our demand.

Concerned Teachers, Nkhotakota Chapter.

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