By Ebenezer

Charles Nkhanga masterminded the move and took Gidess Chalamanda to MIJ FM days back, where he and his friends claimed Mr Chalamanda is craving to survive. Finally he has been caught by Namadingo.

Namadingo visited Mr Chalamanda to source more clarification on, why and how he visited MIJ FM, after FDH BANK promised to build him a shop and pay him K50,000 Monthly.

Mr Chalamanda confessed that there is a guy who claims he works with Namadingo and wants to assist him at a radio station.

Upon arriving at MIJ FM, He was on air where people were sending monetary support to Mr Chalamanda through TNM Mpamba mobile money service.

As if that was not enough, Mr Chalamanda was robbed all the money by Charles Nkhanga who works at Summer Lodge.

Namadingo managed to access Charles’s mobile number, after calling him he refuted having get hold of the money. He claimed that the money was with Mr Chalamanda. Namadingo mate Mr Charles Nkhanga and he confessed his weak points

More Revelation to follow.

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