Bua River in Ntchisi to boost Malawi’s electric power grid

By Wongani Chipeta

An Independent Power Producer IPP-HE Power Limited is to construct a Hydro Electric power plant at Mbongozi in Ntchisi.

The hydro power plant scheme which is along Bua River is expected to generate an additional 41 megawatts to the available supply which is not adequate to the country’s power demand.

The Managing Director Hemant Bhagat said that the project which its financiers have already been identified includes construction of a multipurpose dam for power generation, fish farming and irrigation.

The Minister of Energy Newton Kambala made a tour to the construction site of the power scheme.

The Managing Director Bhagat also told the Minister that the initiative will provide employment opportunities to over 2000 people which is inline with the government agenda of reducing unemployment problems in the country.

Speaking on the tour, the Minister has described the initiative as a crucial step towards expanding people’s access to electricity supply.

He again added that there is a serious need for Malawi to diversify her energy sources to help bolster the country’s development agenda.

In recent years Malawi has lagged behind in the diversification of her energy making the country experience frequent blackouts.

A short while ago grew avantmalawi.com reported that the underutilized Ruo River has a Mozambican Energy company building its plant scheme just at the Nose of Malawi in Thyolo District.

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