By: Greshum Chikoti M – The Conqueror

As rain season is knocking, Senior Group Village Head Chiwembe has urged his subject to observe hygiene  measures.

Like most countries is subsaharan  region of Africa, Malawi often hits by cholera and other water borne diseases.

Residents in his jurisdiction area dumping waste under bridges including open space.

Chiwembe raised an alarm during a health and wellness inspection in his area.

“For health purposes,every house must have pit, toilet and bathroom as one way to fight diseases,” Chiwembe explained.

Of late, women are dumping used Pampers anyhow and ramming dogs bring those Pampers to house, a thing which is dangerous for the environment.

Chief Chiwembe suggests that urban communities must work collectively with City council to introduce a small fee and identify a routine garbage collect as one way to fight the vice.

“If every household contributes a symbolic fee, K200 and use that money to buy a waste bin, we will have a beautiful environment,” he emphasized.

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