By: Greshum Chikoti M – The Conqueror

Senior Group Village Head Chiwembe of Blantyre has urged parents to send back their children to school to support government’s school re-open project.

Chief Chiwembe made the remarks at his headquarters during an interview.

He has assured parents not to get worried of Covid-19 because measures such as social distancing amongst the learners and teachers, beside obligatory use of face masks and compulsory hands washing every 30 minutes are already in place.

“As one way of protecting learners and teachers from contacting the CORONAVIRUS, we have discussed with teachers to reduce  numbers of learners in classes to observe social distance.”

He added: “A special classroom has been set aside as waiting and first aid room. Also, we have plans to add other rooms to enable sick learners to be separated based on their sexual differences, in case pupils fall sick.

The traditional leader further stressed that it is compulsory for children from his area to go back to school since government has put all the required measures in wake of Covid-19.

Government has reopened school for learners in exams classes and college students.

He conclude: “There will be initiatives by teachers and parents to assure  learners will be given masks. Parents  are asked to make sure that their siblings have face masks for us to win the fight against this killer disease.”

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