By Vinjeru Ngwira

According to Matemba, 533 candidates were invited for interviews by MRA, 487 attended the interviews and the authority selected 125 candidates as successful.

He says a list of 125 candidates was then sent to National Intelligence Service for vetting.

MRA felt that it was taking time and went ahead to offer jobs to some candidates prior to the vetting results.

He says out of the 125 candidates, 71 names which were not on the list of the successful candidates were offered jobs.

” They found their way on second list without merit,” he said.

Another finding is that NIS was not supposed to be vetting, according to the law.

‘Customs and revenue posts are not supposed to verted by NIS,” he said.

They have found fault on how the NIS did the verting.

” Some of the questions that were being asked were inappropriate. They were; if the candidates had any connection with the rulling party, their origin, with the idea to kick out some on the list, and the issue of tribe,” he said.

Matemba says they have recommended that only candidates that made their way into the 125 on merit should be recruited.

He added that they have also recommended to Office of the President and Cabinet to ensure that such mess should not resurface in the near future.

ACB has also found that two senior officers at MRA breached procedural requirements and abused their offices.

Matemba adds that Julius Makondetsa, who sued the ACB, was not on the list of those who were supposed to be offered jobs.

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