By Greshum Chikoti

Malangalanga Bridge

Pile of uncollected garbage sealed one of the bridges at Malangalanga in Lilongwe, including Malangalanga area house garages and hardwares just to mention some.

Lilongwe City Council seems to be paying a deaf ear despite rentals and other taxes payment it collects from the users.

Users too, are left with no option but keep on throwing more garbage.

A closer look shows a spiral of smoke escaping from a manhole centimeters away from the bridge.

Suprisingly, the road is a newly built one.

The question is “does the council has personnel specialized in waste management?” For example, in almost all locations in Lilongwe, garbage is collected by private companies at a cost.

Due to lack of funds, most residents dump garbage anyhow, which pose a huge threat to cholera and other disease

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