By Ebenezer

Avant desk Confirms that the master minder behind the Gidess Chalamanda saga at MIJ FM days ago, has been arrested hours ago

_READ TO THE END, as below from Namadingo_

Today has been a long day.
Police taking statements and questioning all involved parties.
Three dedicated  Detectives from Blantyre police poking holes in the story of the missing Chalamanda donations as well as trying to establish the motive of those responsible for the organisation of raising the funds.

After hours of bouncing information and listening to a river of words. The bridge has led to only one man claiming the position  of Suspect.
Mr Charles Nkhanga. Currently behind bars as we wait for Monday to get the call log from TNM of Mr Gidess Chalamanda’s claimed new mobile number that was bought and registered by Mr Charles Nkhanga.¬† His fate now depends on the call Log. He is now a suspect until proven guilty.

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