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Sharing of know-how between Malawi and Zambia has been singled out as crucial amongst state leaderships on matters of international corperation.

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera told journalists at Kamuzu International Airport during his arrival from Zambia.

This is his first state visit to the Republic of Zambia and it has been regarded as the fruitful trip, by the country’s first citizen.

In his words, the Malawian leader explaimed that the two countries will share their expertise in economics, labour and other areas for the benefit of their citizens.

President Chakwera also highlighted that human trafficking practices will be dealt with by setting up common solutions and approaches against the practice.

Commenting on his address to the coming United Nations General Assembly, Dr. Chakwera revealed that he will emphasize on reforms, innovation and international collaboration during the fight against global challenges such as Covid-19.

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