Where’s the war? I don’t see the war’: Trump says Obama & Hillary marched the US into conflict while he ‘kept us out’ of new wars

By Frank Utonga

President Donald Trump has boasted that by replacing Barack Obama and defeating Hillary Clinton, he saved the US from war with North Korea. An unlikely dove, Trump has often accused his rivals of clamoring for conflict.

Speaking on Thursday from Old Forge, Pennsylvania – just two miles from Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton – Trump tore into his opponent, calling Biden a “puppet of the radical left movement” who wants to “hike your taxes” and “take away your guns,” among other by now well-worn criticisms.

After rounding on Biden, Trump boasted of his own accomplishments in office, including his series of meetings with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. According to Trump, his overtures to Kim saved the US from a costly and destructive war with Pyongyang.

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