Two Pakistanis,Nigerian and Malawian have been arrested for possession of drugs.

By Frank Utonga

The details of the arrested are as follows;

1.Chriss Ndubuisi Fargusow Osigwelemu, Age 47yrs, Nationality – Nigerian, Address C/O Area 49 New Gulliver, Passport no.A07807257; found with 9 sachets of Cocaine;

2.Erick Mumba, Age.31yrs, vge.Goma T/A Dzoole, Dowa, found in possession of 9 Sachets of Cocaine;

3.Muhammed Imran, Aged 26yrs, Nationality- Pakistan, Address: C/O A/3 Lilongwe, found in possession of 55 Sachets of Cuba;

4.Mhammed Manga, Aged 22yrs, Nationality – Pakistan, Address: C/O A/2 Lilongwe, found in possession of 15 Sachets of Cuba;

The four were arrested following a joint sweeping exercise conducted by the officer In charge of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs A/Supt E.Jere and Kawale Drug Detectives.

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