‘Fire the people that are responsible for advert,’ says Malema

by ebenezer

EFF leader Julius Malema says the party will shut down Clicks stores across the country the whole week.

Malema led a protest against racism outside Clicks store at the Mall of the North in Polokwane on Monday morning.

A store at Thornhill Shopping Complex in Polokwane was petrol-bombed.

Clicks caused outrage on Friday after tweeting that a black woman’s hair was dull, dry, damaged and frizzy. On the other hand, it said  a white woman’s hair was straight and normal.

The red berets leader revealed that the party rejected the store’s apology and its suggestion to pay an undisclosed amount of money to any charity organisation chosen by the party.

“We shouldn’t allow anyone to practice racism. Because Clicks loves money and wanted to make it at our expense, we are going to close Clicks stores in the country for the whole week,” Malema said.

“We will come back here if the management of the Mall of the North don’t commit to our demands. We will not accept any apology without justice, we want someone to lose their jobs for insulting black people.”

Addressing members of the EFF, Malema called on Clicks to hold everyone in the advert responsible.

“Fire the people that are responsible for advertising that projected black hair as ugly. The whole of Clicks shops should not open until actions are taken.

“Every time they insult us, they say they will pay donations to any charity organisation. That is the arrogance of white capital which always wants to buy and throw money on everything,” Malema said.

The firebrand EEF leader arrived in a Black BMW X5 at the mall and was flanked by the party’s provincial chairperson Jossey Buthane and national spokesperson Vuyani Pambo.

Buthane and the store management agreed to release Clicks’ workers through the back door. Police were on the scene to monitor the situation.

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