by Greshum chikoti

A male nurse occupied a house which was vacant, after few days another female nurse lodged a complaint to the authorities that she applied for the same house and why it was occupied by a different person.

The authorities called the occupant and told him to leave the house, paving the way for the female nurse to occupy it.

In reaction to the news, the male nurse refused claiming he asked the former occupant to reserve it for him.

He further reminded the authorities that he has been at the premises for a while and the female nurse was just a new comer and emphasized that he was not wrong occupying the house.

Unfortunately his concerns landed into deaf ears and opted to use the intervention of police to remove him. Police came and took his belongings outside and allowed the lady nurse to put her belongings.

Now is four days after the incident and the male nurse has not yet taken away his belongings as per the photo.

The matter looks very strange and definitely someone has interest in the one who was favored considering that this is how houses have been swapped at Dedza hospital and this male nurse followed the traditional procedure.

This needs urgent intervention of matured people as the action looks to be very inhuman and unfair to the male nurse.

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