Will King Shaka come back ?

By Ebenezer

7 years ago the country lost and mourned Mafunyeta born Patrick Magasi, He died at the age of 25 and at that time he was in the studio working on his third album entitled ‘Ruling’.

Mafunyeta had gone to Mwanza to bury his sister Mphatso Magalasi and coming back from the burial he was attacked by asthma and succumbed to it.

Born 27 March 1988. Died 11 August, 2013

He was pronounced dead at Area 18 Health Clinic in Lilongwe.

Throw Back

In 2009 , King Shaka rose to stardom with “Ndimakondwa ” we were all excited with the crazy, stylish lyrics and in 2012 his reign in Dancehall was decorate with Come again, Raah and Nyerere.

In his song ‘Come again’ he said when Vic Marley died, he (Mafunyeta) ‘came back’ and when he would die, someone would come back.


“Vick Marley him come

And dead and me come again

After me is gone somebody else must

Come back again!”

It was something else, some say he predicted his own death but now that King Shaka is gone , who will come back ‘again’ or is he here already ?

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