By: Gresham Chikoti-The Conqueror

It’s no longer a secret that Premier Bet has now become soucre of income for the youths, especially in urban and suburban areas.

The Youths are now forcing themselves to watch the European leagues just to increase their chances of winning the bet.

Avant Publications’ visit to one betting centre in Blantyre Urban has revealed that youths crowd Premier Bet offices to chance their lucky.

Further look conclude to say, youth patrons is a cross cut of primary learners, secondary and college students.

Timothy Kaunda,18 year old Premier Bet agent who is also a form 1 student at Locklands Secondary School said he receives 80 clients per day and majority are youths.

‘One of my client won K500,000-00 end last year,’ he said.

Betting tickets are bought from K150-00 upwards.

Jones Chingayipe, 23, who is doing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) course at Soche Technical College in Blantyre frequently patronize the place.

Chingayipe has been betting since 2018 and once won K64,000-00 in 2019, his highest win so far.

‘I bet for pleasure since there are no activities that youths can do to pass time,’ he justified.

He concludes to say, youths will still bet when schools re-open unless government place alternatives.

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